Wednesday, June 30, 2010

History "Off the Wall"

Welcome to the National Council on Public History's new exhibit review blog! Our goal here is to think about history exhibitry "off the wall"--that is, to move beyond existing definitions of what a history exhibit is by finding and reflecting on some of the emerging places and ways that historical display is appearing in our wired, mobile, global, re-localizing, over-heating, contentious and creative world.

We have a talented cadre of reviewers who will offer their thoughts on anything and everything that might come under the heading of "history exhibitry" and an experienced cohort of "conversants" who'll be responding to the reviews and helping to move our collective conversation along. We hope readers will weigh in, too!

In our first two reviews, Kevin Bartoy reflects on the art and performance of activist history, and Adina Langer muses about digital "museums of everything." Join us for what promises to be a provocative unfolding conversation about where 21st century public history is headed!

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